Standard: TAS 100 – Standard Test Method for Wind and Wind Driven Rain Resistance of Discontinuous Roof Systems

Scope: The test procedure provides a means for establishing the resistance to wind driven rain of the discontinuous roof system, consisting of underlayment and a prepared roof covering

Applicable Products: Discontinuous roof systems (e.g. metal roof panels, metal or composite shingles)

Test Procedure: A water spray rack is used to spray water on the specimen at a rate of 8.8 in/hr at the same time a wind generator is used to generate wind speeds of 35 mph, 70 mph, 90 mph and 110 mph for specified intervals with 10 minute periods of rest after each interval.

End Result: AVerification that the system does or does not provide sufficient wind driven rain resistance such that no water infiltrates through the deck sheathing. A comprehensive test report will be issued at the end of the conclusion of testing.

Special Notes: All details of the installation of the roof deck assembly should be exactly how it is intended to be installed in situ. The test deck incorporates eaves, valley and rake conditions. Corner/perimeter spacing should be used for clips/fasteners, not field spacing.

Intertek Testing Locations: Coquitlam, BC; West Palm Beach, FL; York, PA; Plano, TX


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