Standard: CAN/ULC S138 – Standard Method of Test for Fire Growth of Insulated Building Panels in a Full-Scale Room Configuration

Scope: To determine the contribution to fire growth provided by a non-loadbearing insulated building panel installed in a sprinklered or un-sprinklered room configuration

Applicable Products: Panels, factory-assembled type and intended for use as exterior or interior walls, ceilings or roofs.

Test Procedure: A diffusion burner is placed in the corner of the test assembly. The calorimeter blower was turned on and an initial flow was established. The gas sampling line is turned on and the flow rate adjusted.

The diffusion burner is lit, and the gas flow rate set to achieve the corresponding heat release. During this period all temperature, heat flux and heat release data are recorded. In addition, observations and photographs are taken.

After the 15-minute test period, the burner is shut off and all instrumentation readings stopped. Post-test observations are made, and the damage is documented.

End Result: Measures the time to flashover under specified test conditions. Provisions are made to measure ignitability, smoke obscuration, rate of fire growth and rate of heat release of the test panels.

Intertek Testing Locations: Coquitlam, BC


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