Standard: ASTM F970 – Standard Test Method for Measuring Recovery Properties of Floor Coverings after Static Loading

Certification Required: N/A

Scope: Per ASTM F970: "This test method is intended for use in determining the recovery properties of uninstalled resilient floor covering after long-term indentation test, 24 hours under the load specified in the detail specification."

Applicable Products: Resilient flooring

Test Procedure: The initial thickness at the center of each specimen is measured with the wear layer facing up. Specimens are stacked with indentor plates on top so that the circular face of the indentor plate is against the wear layer of each specimen. Specimens and indentor plates are stacked to test multiple specimens at once. The specified test load is applied to the stack through a plunger and allowed to sit for 24 hours. At the conclusion of the loading period the load is removed and the specimens are allowed to recover for 24 hours. The final thickness is then measured in the same place as the initial thickness.

End Result: This test results in the residual indentation after 24 hours of loading followed by 24 hours of recovery.

Special Notes: N/A

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