Standard: ASTM F925 – Standard Test Method for Resistance to Chemicals of Resilient Flooring

Certification Required: N/A

Scope: Per ASTM F925: "This test method provides a procedure for determining the resistance of resilient floor covering to surface deterioration when exposed to various chemical reagents."

Applicable Products: Resilient flooring

Test Procedure: Specimens are laid face-up on a flat surface. A 1.5 in by 15. In square is drawn onto the face of each specimen to indicate the area when reagents have been applied. The initial measurements are recorded for the properties of interest, such as indentation, thickness, or color. Liquid test reagents are applied filter paper that is laid on the center of the test specimens. Paste reagents are spread in a thin layer on the test area of the specimen. Watch glasses are placed over each reagent for a period of 60 minutes. At the conclusion of the exposure period the watch glasses are removed and the filter paper is removed with tweezers. Residual liquid is blotted with a dry facial tissue. Any reagent left after blotting can be cleaned with water or mild solvent. Specimens are then visually inspected and any changes to the surface finish are recorded. Final measurements of material properties are taken within 15 minutes after removing the reagents from the specimens.

End Result: This test results in any observed visual changes in the specimen as well as the change in observed material properties such as indentation, thickness, or color.

Special Notes: N/A

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