Standard: ASTM F2199 – Standard Test Method for Determining Dimensional Stability of Resilient Floor Tile after Exposure to Heat

Certification Required: N/A

Scope: Per ASTM F2199: "This test method covers the determination of the change in linear dimensions of resilient floor tile after exposure to heat."

Applicable Products: Resilient flooring

Test Procedure: Test specimen is measured in the machine direction and the cross direction at room temperature. The location of these measurements are marked to ensure consistent measurements before and after exposure. The specimen is placed face up on aluminum exposure plates in an oven set to 180 ̊F. After a 6 hour exposure period in the oven, the specimen is allowed to condition at room temperature for 24 hours. Final measurements are then taken in the exact same locations as the initial measurements.

End Result: This test results in the % linear change in the machine and cross directions.

Special Notes: N/A

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