Standard: ASTM E648 - Standard Test Method for Critical Radiant Flux of Floor-Covering Systems Using a Radiant Heat Energy Source

Certification Required: The International Building Code (IBC) requires this test for interior finish flooring. Manufacturers may find it beneficial to obtain an Intertek certification (ETL Mark or Code Compliance Research Report) to provide third-party assurance of their material's performance characteristics.

Scope: Per ASTM E648: "This fire-test-response standard covers a procedure for measuring the critical radiant flux of horizontally mounted floor-covering systems exposed to a flaming ignition source in a graded radiant heat energy environment in a test chamber.

Applicable Products: Various floor coverings

Test Procedure: The flooring system specimen is backed by inorganic millboard and attached to the sample holder. The pilot burner is placed at least 50 mm from the test specimen. Once the pilot burner is ignited, the specimen is moved into the chamber. Within 3 seconds the door is closed and the timer is started. The specimen is allowed to heat for 5 minutes while observing any king of ignition. After 5 minutes, the pilot burner flame is brought into contact with the specimen. The pilot burner remains in contact for 5 minutes, and is then remove to a position at least 50 mm away. If no ignition has occurred, the test is terminated. If ignition does occur, the test is continued until the flame goes out.The distance burned is then measured and any significant phenomena like melting, blistering, etc. are noted.

End Result: This test results in critical radiant flux, the extent of flame travel and observed burning characteristics.

Special Notes: N/A

Intertek Testing Locations: Elmendorf, TX


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