Standard: ASTM C501 – Standard Test Method for Relative Resistance to Wear of Unglazed Ceramic Tile by the Taber Abraser

Certification Required: N/A

Scope: Per ASTM C501: "This test method covers the establishment of an abrasive wear index by determination of the loss of weight resulting from abrasion of unglazed ceramic tile."

Applicable Products: Unglazed ceramic tiles

Test Procedure: A technician weighs each ceramic tile specimen once it is cut to the correct size for testing. The specimen is mounted onto the abrading machine equipped with H-22 coarse calibrade wheels. A 9.8 N load is applied to each wheel and both wheels are lowered onto the surface of the tile test specimen. The abraser is then run for 1000 cycles and the samples are reweighed to determine the mass lost to abrasion.

End Result: This test results in the abrasive wear index of each of the tile specimens.

Special Notes: This method is equivalent to Federal Specification SS-T308b

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