Standard: ASTM C484 – Standard Test Method for Thermal Shock Resistance of Glazed Ceramic Tile

Certification Required: N/A

Scope: Per ASTM C484: "This test method covers the determination of the resistance to thermal shock of glazed ceramic tiles under normal conditions of use."

Applicable Products: Glazed ceramic tiles

Test Procedure: A technician inspects each tile for visible defects. Only tiles with no visible defects are tested. Each tile is subjected to thermal shock by cycling ten times between 15 ̊C and 145 ̊C. After ten cycles have been completed, a technician inspects the tiles for any damage that results from the cycling.

End Result: This test results in the number of test specimens that show visible defects as a result of thermal shock.

Special Notes: This method includes two procedures. The first is for tiles with a water absorption less than or equal to 10% and involves water immersion of the specimens. The second procedure is for tiles with a water absorption greater than 10% and is performed without water immersion.

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