Standard: ASTM C1378 – Standard Test Method for Determination of Resistance to Staining

Certification Required: N/A

Scope: Per ASTM C1378: "This test method is intended to determine the resistance to staining of ceramic tile surfaces."

Applicable Products: Ceramic tiles

Test Procedure: Tile specimens are oven dried and then allowed to cool to room temperature. 5 mL of the desired chemical are added to a test tube. A specimen is then laid face-down on the opening of the test tube and the assembly is flipped so that the test tube rests vertically on the tile. Each chemical is allowed to sit on the tile specimens for a period of 24 hours. At the conclusion of 24 hours, the assemblies are flipped back to their original position and the reagents are dumped out of the test tubes. The tiles are then cleaned using progressively aggressive cleaning methods until the stain is removed.Each specimen is visually inspected for differences in appearance between the exposed and unexposed area of the tile.

End Result: This test results in a determination of "affected" or "not affected" for each chemical reagents tested.

Special Notes: N/A

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