Standard: ANSI/NALFA LF-01 Section 3.4 – Cleanability and Stain Resistance

Certification Required: Required for the NALFA Certification Seal

Scope: Per ANSI/NALFA LF-01 Section 3.4: "This test measures both the ease of cleanability and stain resistance of laminate flooring to common household substances."

Applicable Products: Laminate flooring

Test Procedure: Test reagents are applied to the specimen surface to create a 6 mm spot. A watch glass is then used to spread there agent evenly over the specimen. The watch glass is then positioned so that the reagent is partially covered. All the specimens with reagents and watch glasses are allowed to stand undisturbed for a period of 16 to 24 hours. Each specimen is then rinsed with water and then cleaned with progressively stronger cleaning procedures until the stain is removed. The number of cleaning procedures needed to completely remove the stain results in a stain grade. Any remaining stains that are not removed with the cleaning procedures are visually evaluated.

End Result: This test results in a cleanability score as well as which reagents caused a slight, moderate, or severe effect on the specimen finish.

Special Notes: N/A

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