Standard: ANSI/NALFA LF-01 Section 3.1: Static Load

Certification Required: Required for the NALFA Certification Seal

Scope: Per ANSI/NALFA LF-01 Section 3.1: "This test measures the ability of laminate flooring to resist residual indentation resulting from a static load."

Applicable Products: Laminate flooring

Test Procedure: The initial thickness is measured at the center of each test specimen. The specimens are placed in a loading rack with a 1.128 in. diameter indenter centered on the decorative face. Additional indenters can be added between specimens in order to test multiple specimens at once. Weights are then added to the indenter until the desired load is reached. The specimen is then allowed to remain under load for 24 hours. At the conclusion of 24 hours the weight is removed from the indenter and the specimens are allowed to recover for 24 hours before the final thickness measurement is taken in the same location as the initial measurements.

End Result: This test results in the measured residual indentation.

Special Notes: N/A

Intertek Testing Locations: York, PA


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