Standard: AAMA 910 – “Life Cycle” testing specification for Architectural Class windows and doors

Scope: This specification and test method is intended to model, through accelerated testing, the normal wear that can be expected during the life of a typical Architectural Class window or door (hereafter known as "AW product"). Life cycle modeling is accomplished by performing a representative number of basic vent operating cycles and locking hardware opening/closing cycles to simulate actual.

use. Vent or door cycling shall be permitted to be performed separate of hardware cycling to make standardized mechanical testing more feasible. Tests shall also be performed to simulate the loading conditions expected during washing, maintenance, and predictable misuse situations. Thermal cycling is also an important durability attribute and is included in this specification.

Applicable Products: All products seeking NAFS compliant reports for Architectural Performance Grade Windows

Test Procedure:

  • 5.1.1 Operating Force (Hung and sliding windows, and sliding glass doors only)
  • 5.1.1.a Force to Latch (Side-hinged Doors)
  • 5.1.2 Air Leakage Resistance
  • 5.1.3 Water Penetration Resistance
  • 5.1.4 Vent/Sash/Door Leaf Cycle Testing (First half)
  • 5.1.5 Locking Hardware Cycle Testing (First half)
  • 5.1.6 Access Panel Cycling (On designated unit, if applicable)
  • 5.1.7 Misuse Testing
  • 5.1.8 Vent/Sash/Door Leaf Cycle Testing (Second half)
  • 5.1.9 Locking Hardware Cycle Testing (Second half)
  • 5.1.10 Operating Force (Hung and sliding windows, and sliding glass doors only)
  • 5.1.10.a Force to Latch (Side-hinged Doors)
  • 5.1.11 Air Leakage Resistance (Optional)
  • 5.1.12 Water Penetration Resistance (Optional)
  • 5.1.13 Thermal Cycling (On designated unit)
  • 5.1.14 Structural Performance @ Design Pressure (DP) (With deflection limited to L/175)
  • 5.1.15 Air Leakage Resistance
  • 5.1.16 Water Penetration Resistance
  • 5.1.17 Structural Performance @ 1.5 times Design Pressure (DP) (With permanent deformation limited to 0.2% of its span)

End Result: Verification that the product does or does not meet the performance criteria for Architectural Class Windows . A comprehensive test report will be issued at the end of the conclusion of testing.


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