ETL Mark FAQs for the Building & Construction Industry


Why is Intertek introducing the ETL Mark into the Building Products Market?
The ETL Mark is Intertek’s most prominent certification in North America and it continues to gain momentum in the market place. It is a highly recognized and accepted mark representing conformity assessment to Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs). The convergence of technology across multiple product markets—including home safety and automation—has created a need for a unified mark across platforms and the introduction of the ETL Mark into the building products space helps fulfill that need giving customers and AHJs a cohesive solution.

When is this effective?
As of December 14th, 2015, all new projects for BP certification (except for Fire Doors, Solid Fuel Hearth, and Manufactured Housing Products) will be the ETL Mark. If, as of December 14th, a product is currently under review for certification, and the product was sold as a Warnock Hersey certification, customers will have the option to use the ETL Mark. Current Warnock Hersey certified products have until December 31st, 2020, to make the transition.

Which products are affected?
The ETL Mark is available for all building products except fire doors, solid fuel hearth, and manufactured housing. These will continue to receive the Warnock Hersey Mark for new certifications.

What is this going to cost the manufacturer?
There are no new or additional fees associated with the transition to the ETL Mark. Intertek acknowledges there may be costs to the manufacturer that are associated with the change in packaging, labeling, or imprinting and that is why there is a 5 year transition period.

How is Intertek supporting this effort?
As Intertek’s most issued certification mark, the ETL Mark is already a highly supported mark.  Being one of North America’s most prominent certification marks, it has already been introduced into many BP related markets such as HVAC, plumbing, and the life safety and security markets.  Additionally, Intertek is currently and will continue to regularly work with AHJs, builders, specifiers, and insurance companies on awareness campaigns to ensure their knowledge of the mark transition.

What about products currently labeled with the Warnock Hersey Mark?
Warnock Hersey labeled products (except for fire doors, solid fuel hearth, and manufactured housing) will be required to convert to the ETL Mark by December 31st, 2020.  This timeframe will help provide manufacturers enough time to make the necessary changes.

Does this mean the Warnock Hersey Mark is going away?
No.  Intertek will continue to fully support and promote the Warnock Hersey Mark (both current and legacy versions) indefinitely for fire doors, solid fuel hearth, and manufactured housing.  The Warnock Hersey Mark will continue to be part of Intertek’s future.

Is the ETL Mark equivalent to the Warnock Hersey Mark?
Yes.  Both represent Intertek’s authority as an accredited organization to certify building products.

How does the ETL Mark compare to the UL, CSA, and FM Approved Marks?
All certification marks essentially mean the same thing:  a product has been tested and certified by an independent third party organization accredited to issue a mark of certification.  In the building products industries (otherwise known as the built environment or fire protection industries), the UL, CSA, and FM Approved Marks are the competitive marks most prominently recognized, although, no one mark represents a more “certified” or “better quality” product. The choice of which certifying agency to use is often made by the manufacturer’s preferred customer experience which includes: price, proximity, product category expertise, global footprint, and overall breadth of capabilities by the laboratory.

How does a customer make the conversion?
Customers simply need to contact the BP Certification Desk at 888.ETL.MARK or and tell them they want to convert.  Intertek will align them with the right team member to approve labels and art work to issue them a new ATM.

What if a customer doesn’t want to convert?
Intertek is giving customers over 5 years to make the conversion, understanding there is a process involved for them to do so.  Additionally, some customers may have reluctance to make the conversion due to a variety of reasons.  We will be tirelessly working over the next 5 years to work through any of the concerns customer may have so they feel comfortable making the change.

Are fire doors, solid-fuel hearth products, and manufactured housing eventually going to be ETL?
All will continue to use the Warnock Hersey Mark for the indefinite and foreseeable future.

What if I run into mark acceptance issues?
Intertek expects few, if any, acceptance issues given the prominence of the ETL Mark in the commercial and residential markets, but we are fully prepared and willing to take on any acceptance issues head on.  If customers should have any issues, they can contact their account representatives or our Certification Help Desk at 888.ETL.MARK or and we will handle each issue on a case-by-case basis.

Are there building products that are using the ETL Mark today?
Yes.  Since 2013, Intertek has been issuing the ETL Mark into parts of the building products market.  Life safety and security (smoke alarms, detectors, etc.), HVAC, plumbing, and products issued CCRRs (insulation, roofing, decking, etc.) have all been issued the ETL Mark in recent years.

Is Intertek accredited to do this?
Yes.  The same scope that the Warnock Hersey mark holds, the ETL Mark also holds.  It is not the mark that holds the accreditations, but the company behind the mark.  In this case, Intertek.


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