UL 2231-1 and UL 2231-2 Standards Testing

Testing and Certification According to UL 2231 for Electric Vehicle Circuits

Devices covered by UL 2231-1/-2 are typically control circuits that are not complete products but are circuit boards to be fitted into an EV charging station for evaluation to UL 2594.

UL 2231-1: These requirements cover devices and systems intended for use in accordance with the National Electrical Code (NEC), ANSI/NFPA 70, Article 625, to reduce the risk of electric shock to the user from accessible parts, in grounded or isolated circuits for charging electric vehicles. These circuits are external to or on-board the vehicle.

UL 2231-2: This standard is intended to be read together with the Standard for Personnel Protection Systems for Electric Vehicle (EV) Supply Circuits: General Requirements, UL 2231-1. The requirements of UL 2231-1 apply unless modified by this standard. This Part contains the construction and performance requirements that are applied to a device that is intended to become an integral part of an overall device or charging system.


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