The goal of the CCS is to ensure the accuracy of content claims.

Textile Exchange is a global non-profit driving positive impact on climate change across the fashion and textile industry. It guides a growing community of brands, manufacturers, and farmers towards more purposeful production from the very start of the supply chain. Textile Exchange developed several important industry standards, including the Content Claim Standard.

CCS is a chain of custody standard that provides companies with a tool to verify that one or more raw material inputs are in the final product. It requires that each organization along the supply chain take sufficient steps to ensure that the integrity and identity of the input material are preserved. The goal of the CCS is to ensure the accuracy of content claims.

CCS forms the chain of custody requirements for all Textile Exchange standards as these standards relate to sustainability claims. At the same time, CCS is generic which means it may be used to verify any claim about the source material outside of the Textile Exchange standards for which companies can be certified against CCS. Examples include Non-Certified Claimed Materials, Claimed Materials Certified to Other Standards, Country of Origin, and Integration into another Standard.

CCS has three main objectives:

  • Guarantee the accuracy of all content claims
  • Provide companies with a way to verify business-to-business content claims when sourcing materials
  • Give industries a tool to build trust with consumers over what is in the products they purchase

How Intertek can help

Intertek is globally accredited to deliver Textile Exchange certifications based on the Content Claim Standard as well as provide CCS certification for products outside the scope of Textile Exchange Standards such as Sustainable Fiber Alliance (SFA) supply chain. We aid all sites in the supply chain including brands in delivering end-to-end solutions that help organizations mitigate supply chain risk and boost confidence in their sustainable sourcing, brand and marketing claims.

Why choose Intertek for Textile Exchange and GOTS certification?

  • Network of global experts in the textile processing industry: environmental, social, and chemical management audits
  • Local experts in the countries where your suppliers are located, delivering consistently with precision, pace and passion on a global and local level
  • Process management and guidance throughout the entire certification life cycle through our web-based platform SourceClear providing you visibility into your certifications and supporting faster business transactions (Scope Certifications, Transaction Certifications).

Intertek is a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide. Partner with Intertek and gain confidence in your sustainable sourcing, brand and marketing claims. With the largest auditor network around the world in more than 100 countries, Intertek can support your organisation's ethical sourcing goals wherever you do business.

For more information, please visit the Textile Exchange website at

Our Certification Process

Audit Preparation

1. Application Submission

The first step to becoming certified is to fill out our Client Information Form, to best evaluate your requirements.

2. Quotation

Then we provide you with a quotation.

3. Contract Signing and Payment

4. Submit Documents

Client submits documents to Intertek for pre-assessment review.

Audit & Certification

5. Audit

Audit can be done onsite, remotely or hybrid depending on the site's risk level. Good preparation can speed up the certification process.

6. Audit Follow-up (if needed)

In case non-conformance(s) is found.

7. Certification Decision and Scope Certificate issuance in our SourceClear system

Audit results will be reviewed to make a final certification decision.

8. Transaction Certificate (Request & Issuance) throughout the certification cycle

Following the shipment of certified goods to the given standard, request a transaction certificate to provide valid documentation to your customer.

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