NEBS & Telecom Testing

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Video Transcript:
Intertek’s Lexington Kentucky test lab is a full service network telecom test facility. The lab itself grew out of GTE Test Mark Labs, so telecom’s testing is really in our DNA.  We do have full NEBS capability and scope within this single facility as well as capabilities for testing to international requirements. Within the lab we test for both network telecom equipment and the devices that drive the wireless network.  
We have the capability to perform all the testing in GR 63 and all the testing within GR 1089 and that includes earth quake, EMI/EMC, all the environmental extremes, all the dc power interface criteria, so we have a full scope, full capability but beyond just the typical NEBS we also have a full OSP or outside plant testing capability we can do salt fog, we can do impact testing we can do outside fire burn, simulated prairie fire, the entire gamut of the testing that one would need on the telecommunications equipment for deployment in the network.
Whether your products intended for deploy in the central office, the data center, at the cell site, or in the outside plant, we have scope and capabilities in place to evaluate your product. We also work with the wireless backhaul, the fiber backhaul that ties that network together. We do have accreditations to 17025 as well as AT&T, // and Century Link accreditations in place so that we can guarantee your product is acceptable to your end customer. 
Intertek is a Verizon approved ITL with scope and accreditation in place for testing of the network telecom equipment, to NEBS requirements as well as all fiber optic components within the Verizon ITL FOC program.
Since the telecommunications testing that we perform here is not truly regulatory type testing, it’s not regulated by the federal government or any organized federal entity the testing that we do here is truly, truly a purchasing standard. It is the requirements a manufacturer or vendor needs to meet in order to sell his product to the major service providers in North America.  We have inroads and communication paths with representatives with all three or four of the major services providers in North America and we talk to them on a weekly basis. We have the ability, if a customer brings a product in here that’s a little bit unique and doesn’t quite fit, it’s the proverbial square peg in the round hole with the standard, we can go to those service providers and say this is what we’re looking at and this is what we propose to do as far as the evaluation and this is how we propose to tackle the criteria and the relationship we have with those individuals that the service providers will allow us to go back and forth to develop a test plan and take a unique product or a slightly different product through the evaluation without any major hitches or difficulties.
Through the course of any evaluation we’ll often run into issues of non-compliance or even product functionality and that’s where our trained technical staff has a chance to shine. 
The staff is the most valuable component here. Equipment can be purchased anywhere// but our staff is truly unique, we have a very mature staff, the average here is around 16 years//every one of our individuals are extremely familiar with telecommunications equipment. 
There is such a wide range of criteria within the telecoms specifications that we test to that there’s bound to be failures that occur and a failing report is worthless to a customer, they need a passing report to introduce their product out there to the market so we work very closely with the customer to help them resolve failures.
We’ll work closely with you and your product, whether you’re onsite or remote to bring your product back to a state of functionality, address those concerns and get the product quickly back into the lab for further testing.
Intertek has an extremely tight focus on customer satisfaction and service, I mean we are a service industry, that’s what we do and it is a key point for us to meet our customers needs and provide the services they’re looking for and we’re always trying to find ways to improve that service model. We’re always trying to find ways to be more efficient and meet the customers expectations. The only way we can continue to do business is if we serve our customers and if we serve them well.
With full NEBS capabilities in place in a single location and a trained technical staff in place to support your product, Intertek really is your one stop solution for all your NEBS testing needs. 


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