27 Jan 2015

Oil Condition Monitoring from Intertek supports global client machinery operations and improves reliability with expert lubricant testing and condition monitoring expertise.

(Houston) Intertek, a leading provider of quality and safety services to a wide range of industries around the world, will be exhibiting expert lubrication quality and condition monitoring services at OilDoc 2015. OilDoc is a major European industry event focused on lubrication quality, maintenance best-practices, and technologies.

Intertek’s global oil condition monitoring (OCM) and testing programme is a proven loss-prevention technique and forms part of an effective predictive condition-based maintenance program.

Lubricant, fluid, grease, and particle analysis services assist owners and operators in identifying potential component failures before they occur, helping to keep systems up and running. OCM programmes reduce the risk of expensive damage, down-time, and repairs.

With a single point of contact for lubricant testing requirements, Intertek clients have simple, rapid, and easy access to Intertek’s full range of accredited testing, expert consultancy advice, and interpretation of test results.

Mr. Robert Chapman, Global Business Manager for Oil Condition Monitoring, said, “Intertek’s global service footprint provides clients in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, and the Americas with reliable testing and trend analysis. By routinely testing lubricants we help identify potential oil-related problems and help customers keep breakdowns, repairs, unscheduled maintenance and down-time to a minimum."

Intertek’s global team of lubricant testing experts provides clients with safe and secure online reports, delivering important condition and trending information with fully interpreted results, along with simple and easy-to-understand summaries and recommendations.

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