Intertek Analyses Chalon can assist your every step toward REACH compliance:

July 10, 2008

From Guidance, Consultancy, Strategy development and Testing to Dossier Submissions for REACH Compliance

Intertek Analyses Chalon offers solutions to simplify the process of becoming REACH compliant for companies in all stages of the supply chain: from manufacturers to importers to down-stream users.

With 30 years experience in the regulatory field, Intertek’s experts have the up-to-date knowledge of requirements for REACH and can guide you through the REACH pre-registration, provide only representation, registration and testing processes, to minimize the cost and burden. If desired, Intertek can also offer third-party representation to protect proprietary information about your products and processes.

Intertek offers a comprehensive suite of globally-available services to support the broad spectrum of industry sectors affected by the REACH regulation. Our REACH services include:

  • Only Representative — European representation for non-EU companies allowing them to register and comply with the REACH regulation, thereby facilitating continuous EU market   access with minimal business interruption. In addition to providing a legal presence in the EU, with Intertek as your Only Representative, Intertek will oversee pre-registration and registration activities, manage Substance Information Exchange Forum (SIEF) participation and provide reporting and notification services, where required.
  • Registration and Pre-registration — Complete pre-registration and registration services for phase-in substances. Our services include corporate education and training seminars to gain an understanding of the REACH regulation and its implications for particular products, the objective of which is: 
    • To establish a REACH compliance strategy adapted to your needs, products and position in the supply chain. 
    • To establish, implement and execute a strategic plan for product testing, where necessary, and data generation according to Good Laboratories Practice (GLP). 
    • To develop the technical dossier: collect the necessary data, consolidate and compile the data, manage the data, participate in substance information exchange fora (SIEFs), submit the technical dossier to the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) and perform reporting/notification, where required.
  • Consulting — Intertek’s REACH support and consulting available on-site and web-based; on-going and on-call support for REACH-related questions; development of company-wide and/or substance-specific REACH compliance strategies.
  • Testing — Intertek excels in testing and analysis services and solutions including physico-chemical, toxicological, environmental fate, and eco-toxicological & residues testing; as well as specific guidance and support on testing for substances of very high concern (SVHCs.)
  • Partial and complete REACH program Outsourcing — Intertek can support any or all facets of your REACH compliance program. From compliance strategy development to submission of registration data, Intertek provides your company with instant REACH expertise.
  • Global Supply Chain Auditing and Management — Intertek provides a service to evaluate the REACH-readiness of the actors in your supply chain; assess your suppliers’ means of REACH-related data storage and management; and provides a quantitative score of your suppliers. performance against quantifiable criteria. Intertek also can provide assistance to suppliers in preparing notification documents, facilitating SVHC traceability and ensuring chemical data exchanged is up-to-date.

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