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Intertek Maison

Luxury and premium brands face unparalleled challenges across every aspect of their operations. From changing consumer behaviour to sustainability, there are also important ethical and societal considerations as well as new channels to market.

Intertek Maison represents a range of specialist services designed to enhance your competitive advantage as well as reduce risks throughout your entire supply chain.

Maison Services

Softlines (General)

Hardlines (General)

Manufacturing, Data Assurance: Interlink / I2Q

Industry Agnostic

People Assurance, Risk-Based Quality Assurance, Selective Retailing, Total Sustainability Assurance

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Welcome to Maison

Based in Florence, Italy, the Maison Centre of Excellence is the dedicated luxury home of Intertek, the global leader in Assurance, Testing, Inspection, and Certification services.

A multifunctional and sustainable location, Maison is flexible in structure – its sliding walls can transform the 600 sqm space to fit your needs.