Knowledge Portal: Intertek REACH Integrated Solution (IRIS)

Your regulatory compliance solution.


Too many regulations, too many to comply, how could you make it easy?

To keep building your business for the European markets, there are many regulations and requirements to comply by. No matter you’re a brand owner, a retailer or an OEM factory in-charge, you are in need to present the product regulatory information before shipments.


Introducing IRIS, a Global Compliancy Management Platform

IRIS, Intertek REACH Integrated Solution, is REACH ready and allows customers to consolidate substances tonnage for registration and SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern) for registration. Our IRIS also comes with other additional functions such as Global Compliancy Program Management, Eco Package Reporting and WEEE Reporting. This solution helps you face the challenge and further enable you to tackle European Union’s demand for quality and compliance.


  • Effective Management: Effective management of hazardous substances in product document digitization, and high traceability to the quality requirements.
  • Efficient Calculation: Efficient calculation of substance tonnages over wide product ranges for notification and registration.
  • User-Friendly: A user-friendly interface with easy access to product chemical information anytime in a single platform.
  • Customization: High flexibility in usage with functional customization and multiple user types
  • Clear Reporting: Detailed chemical composition and SVHC information of product well presented in reports for demonstration of due diligence.

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