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Below you'll find the required forms and other information about your product we need to begin the process of applying for ISED Canada Certification on your behalf.

When submitting a TCB application, please indicate the desired completion date. The Intertek TCB will strive to meet the desired completion date. In cases where the TCB determines that it is unable to do so, we will estimate the earliest date that it might be possible to start the review based on complexity of the project and current reviewer workload. The duration of the review depends on the complexity of the product and radio technologies, the quality of the submitted documentation, and on prompt responses to any inquiries the TCB reviewer has, and cannot begin until the full set of required documentation is received and all administrative issues are resolved. Providing a complete documentation package and promptly responding to any requests for additional documentation, clarification, or amendments will help expedite your application and meet your desired completion date.

Completion of the Canadian Certification is ultimately pending the Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada response time after an application has been loaded. The estimate that Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada provides is one-to-two weeks before they release it to the REL after the TCB uploads. It can be faster or slower depending on their workload, complexity of application, and other factors.

Email completed forms and additional questions about the application process to We will begin reviewing your application within 24 hours of receipt.

Required Information for ISED Canada Certification and Product Registration

ISED User GuideISED Canada Certification Guidance can be found at Certification Engineering Bureau Frequently Asked Questions
ISED Canada Certification AgreementComplete the Certification Agreement and send to Intertek
Company Number (CN)XXXXXX is the CN assigned by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. Newly assigned CNs will be made up of five numeric characters (e.g. "20001") whereas existing CNs may consist of up to five numeric characters followed by an alphabetic character (e.g. "21A" or "15589J"). E-Filing
Unique Product Number (UPN)Assigned by the applicant, made of at most 11 alphanumeric characters (A-Z, 0-9). (A) It's preferable that the client chooses the UPN. Permitted alphanumerical characters used in the UPN are limited to capital letters (A-Z) and digits (0-9). Other characters, such as "#", "/" or "-", shall not be used. An example of the new format for a company being issued a company number (CN) of "1234A" by the Certification & Engineering Bureau and wishing to use a UPN of "6A5S" would thus be: IC: 1234A-6A5S
Confidentiality Request LetterRequest for confidentiality
Agency LetterLetter to allow Intertek Testing Services NA Inc to act on your behalf in front of ISED Canada.
Agency Letter Client to ConsultantLetter to allow Consultant to act on behalf of Client on your behalf with Intertek Testing Services NA, Inc.
Cover LetterDescription of type of certification services requested.
Operational DescriptionBrief description of radio equipment.
Application for ISED Canada Certification ServicesCompleted and signed copy of Annex A of RSP 100
Test Report Cover SheetCompleted and signed original copy of Annex B of RSP 100
Test ReportTest Report meeting the technical requirements of the applicable Radio
Standards Specification (RSS) per RSP 100
Internal & External Photos of ProductPhotographs of the product external appearance, per RSP 100
SchematicsSchematic diagrams per RSP 100
Block DiagramBlock diagrams.
Label Drawing or SampleProduct Label. The HVIN is permitted to be listed or placed with or without any prefix (HVIN:, Model #, M/N:, P/N:, etc. per RSP 100
Product LiteratureProduct literature or user manual per RSP 100
Declaration of RF Exposure ComplianceCompleted and signed copy of Annex B of RSS-102
Declaration of RF Exposure ExemptionCompleted and signed copy of Annex C of RSS-102.
RF Technical Brief Cover SheetCompleted and signed copy of Annex A of RSS-102.
Canadian Agent AttestationThe applicant must provide, in writing, the identity of a representative in Canada who is capable of responding to enquiries and who can provide post-certification audit samples at no charge to ISED Canada per RSP 100.
Credit Card InformationListing fee in ISED Canada REL of $50 for each radio model.
ISED Canada Modular Approval Attestation
(Not required for non-modular approval)
Completed and signed copy of Annex D of RSP 100.

For questions regarding forms and the application process, send an email to

Intertek's A2LA TCB Accreditation (132kb PDF)

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