From concept, design, and engineering to manufacturing and distribution, we develop and integrate industry leading intelligence, research, and technology to create risk management solutions delivering a competitive business advantage.

Our risk management experts work with you to identify, manage and mitigate risks affecting your investments, infrastructure, products, inventories, supply-chains, safety, compliance, business, reputation, and other factors.

Among other approaches, we conduct Probabilistic Risk Assessment and Quantitative Risk Analysis (PRA/QRA) taking account of input uncertainties. We provide this PRA/QRA service for both existing infrastructure and new builds.

Intertek's engineers, scientists, and other technical experts have years of hands-on industry experience, and help guide clients to protect assets, extend lifecycles, assure adequate quality and safety criteria, and much more. At Intertek, we help you determine risks associated with your products, processes, manufacturing, assets and systems, and eliminate or manage these, so that they become a competitive advantage to your business.

Intertek also offers value-added services such as such as extensive training, advisory, and quality assurance solutions specifically tailored to meet both your needs and overall market demand.

*Intertek does not provide consulting services for management systems certification. Any consulting activities provided by Intertek are separated and independent from certification activities.