Training for on proper techniques for gauging and sampling petroleum and refined products in storage tanks, in the Middle East.

Course Subject: Tank Gauging and Sampling

Tank gauging course topics:  

  • Overview of land tank measurement
  • Manual level gauging in land tanks
  • Free water measurement in land tanks
  • Temperature measurement in land tanks
  • Manual sampling of land tanks
  • The effect of random errors in land tank measurement
  • Site practical exercise

Intertek provides Tank Gauging and Sampling training classes to key clients in the Gulf region of the Middle East. The course, presented by experts in the field with years of industry experience, is a combination of theory and practical instruction, designed to bring the latest standards and techniques in tank gauging and sampling as well as highlighting problem areas where errors can occur and what effect this could have in product movement.

Trained personnel with years of industry experience in the oil industry with an emphasis on all aspects of shore storage tank and meter calibration as well as cargo inspection services. Intertek has provided training for many companies over the years including ExxonMobil, BP, Shell, Qatar Petroleum and ChevronTexaco.

The course can be held on-site in the refinery, allowing various staff members to be able to attend in between shift changeovers. All attendees are presented with a comprehensive set of notes as well as a certificate of attendance. Each course is designed to have 12 delegates. Feedback is positive in that the tank gauging course is practical and provides all delegates the opportunity to do field sampling after hearing the theory. A recent client has requested an additional three courses to be arranged in the near future.

Petroleum and chemical metering and calibration

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