26 May 2015

Industry-recognized experts providing safety assessment and science-based regulatory approval support for new products

Mississauga, ON – Intertek, a leading provider of quality solutions worldwide, is celebrating 30 years of delivering reliable expertise and practical advice to their clients in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and pesticide industries, from its Scientific & Regulatory Consultancy business. Since 1985, Intertek Scientific & Regulatory Consultancy has been helping customers expand their markets and protect their interests through the delivery of scientific and strategic global regulatory plans, resolution of complex toxicological and scientific issues, and facilitation of timely regulatory approvals services.

Initially serving North American clients from Canada, the consultancy now has offices located in Canada, US, Europe, China and Japan. The team of consultants has also significantly expanded and is part of Intertek’s Health, Environmental & Regulatory Services network comprised of more than 200 professionals, including experts in toxicology, global regulatory affairs, chemistry, nutrition, and risk assessment analysis.  The experts are well-recognised and are routinely called upon to serve as invited speakers and educators at various conferences relating to scientific advancements, regulatory compliance and product development, both locally and internationally. Intertek is committed to expanding their service portfolio and continuing their investment in research that benefits the toxicology community.

“In the past thirty years we have successfully transitioned from Cantox Health Sciences International into Intertek Scientific & Regulatory Consultancy.  We are uniquely able to provide one of the most complete service offering on the market today with our ability to provide bundled services beyond regulatory and compliance, through linking into global structure for analytical testing,” states Peter Bailey, President of Intertek Scientific & Regulatory Consultancy. “We remain dedicated to adding value to customers’ by helping to address the tough questions associated with assessing human health and environmental risks associated with product life cycle in the global marketplace. In short, we continue to deliver the consulting services that our clients have come to rely on and we are delighted to celebrate this significant milestone.”

To learn more about the full range consulting services available from Intertek, visit: https://www.intertek.com/scientific-regulatory-consultancy/.

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For Market Inquiries:
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Vice President
Global Health, Environmental and Regulatory Services (HERS)
Intertek Life Sciences
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Tracy Veale
Marketing Manager
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