18 Feb 2014

New Permeation and Packaging Testing Capabilities Deliver Time- and Cost-Efficiency to Manufacturers

Pittsfield, Mass. – Intertek, a leading provider of quality and safety solutions serving a wide range of industries around the world, today announces the expansion of its film and flexible polymer testing capabilities at its Pittsfield, Mass., location. This allows material engineers and scientists to better understand how material permeation characteristics respond to external stimuli such as moisture, temperature, humidity and thickness in commercial, industrial, food, medical and pharmaceutical applications.

Intertek has long provided manufacturers with film and flexible polymer testing that helped them better understand physical and mechanical properties. The newly added capabilities will help manufacturers to determine barrier properties of their materials and meet applicable requirements such as ASTM 3985 for Oxygen Barrier Resistance, and ASTM F1249 for Water Vapor Transmission Rate.

“Listening to our customers and closely monitoring industry trends allows us to provide the services that help manufacturers be more successful,” said James Galipeau, Director, Intertek Pittsfield. “This recent investment in testing equipment that will deliver fast and accurate data aligns with Intertek’s overall mission of adding value to our clients’ products and processes.”

Galipeau explained that the new flexible polymer packaging equipment acquired allows for Gelbo Flex, Hot Tack and Package Burst/Creep testing to evaluate end-use seams and heat seals. This complements Intertek’s existing portfolio of durability test services including impact resistance, peel, tear, tensile and bond strength.

The new Mocon PERMATRAN 33/3 MG Plus permeation equipment can measure water vapor transmission rate data that is useful for a number of applications, such as quantifying the breathability of clothing, barrier protection of building materials, and determining the shelf life of packaging. The Mocon OX-TRAN 2/21 ML can determine oxygen transmission rate and valuable insights on shelf life.

For more information on Intertek’s flexible packaging materials test capabilities, visit www.Intertek.com/packaging.


John Clark
Marketing Manager, Transportation Technologies
(734) 582-2950

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