The Intertek West Africa Laboratory located Côte d'Ivoire has expanded its capabilities to include an Olympus M series Vanta™ handheld portable XRF. Obtaining maximum geochemical information about an exploration project is a primary focus for geologists. Intertek is able to provide a cost-effective solution using Portable XRF technology under laboratory conditions or at our client’s site. This allows us deliver reliable, semi-quantitative scan data that will add confidence to client’s exploration projects.

The advantages of using Intertek for portable XRF scans:

  • Access to a range of fully maintained and supported instruments to match field equipment
  • Integration directly into Intertek’s LIMS system eliminating potential sample mix ups
  • Consistent database compliant report format
  • QA/QC reported with data
  • Operated by trained laboratory technicians
  • Uninterrupted AC power supply to the instrument eliminates variances in data relating to battery charge and change over
  • Climate controlled environment
  • Operational and technical support from Portable XRF Geochemists
  • Non-destructive analytical technique 

Intertek’s West Africa laboratory is supported by Intertek Minerals team of Global experts and services, offering analytical bundles adding value to portable XRF data.

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