Mineral assay of exploration samples for Gold, including routine exploration and ore reserve samples.

Intertek has extensive expertise in providing Gold exploration and production assay data to clients on a global basis.

The primary criteria for selection of the most appropriate and cost-effective Gold Assay method include:

  • Type of sample
  • Mineralogy of sample
  • Presence or absence of coarse gold
  • Other element testing required?

A diverse range of techniques are available for gold explorers and miners including; lead collection fire assay gold analysis, screen fire assay or accelerated cyanide leach for coarse gold deposits, target generation analysis by aqua regia or BLEG, partial digest geochemistry, multi-element and pathfinders, lithogeochemical packages, bullion assays and mine-site laboratories.

Fire Assay or Lead Collection Fire Assay remains the method of choice for quantitative gold determination. The fore assay flux mixture has been carefully formulated to optimise precious metal recovery in diverse mineralogical matrices.

Aqua Regia will digest many minerals, however, silicates and refractory minerals will remain largely undigested. Aqua regia is useful for grassroots exploration and as a screening tool. It is a cost effective way to analyse for gold and other elements.

Intertek mineral assay personnel are Total Quality Assurance experts with years of mining and mineral industry experience, please contact us for more information.

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