Geological Sample Preparation

Geological sample preparation is a vital stage in the analytical process, given the highly variable nature of mineral samples.

The purpose of sample preparation is the production of homogeneous sub-sample, representative of the material submitted to the laboratory. Correct sample preparation allows for representative sub-sampling, which is the foundation of quality analysis. Sample preparation is also critical for the liberation of elements of interest for representative sub-sampling, in order to facilitate decomposition techniques and to reduce particle size effects in techniques such as XRF. Strict adherence to handling, safety and quality protocols ensures quality standards within sample preparation are maintained.

The selection of the actual sample preparation procedures depends on the type and size of the sample, the mineralogy, and the client’s analytical and budgetary requirements. Sample preparation packages are available for commonly used procedures. Please contact our Laboratory Managers to discuss the most suitable options for your requirements. 

Intertek is committed to providing the best advice and modern state-of-the-art equipment to guarantee the production of precise, accurate and meaningful analytical data providing Total Quality Assurance.

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