Testing and Certification Marks Provide Safety Assurance That You Can Rely on.

They are on your telephone, hair dryer and laptop. You notice them on product packaging and the products themselves. 

What do they mean and why do they matter?

Certification Marks, such as ETL, UL and CSA, signify that a qualified, independent testing laboratory has tested a product and certified its compliance to national safety standards.

When you see a certification mark on a product, you know it:

  • Passed the testing process
  • Meets the standards
  • Participates in an ongoing quality inspection program to ensure continued compliance

If you don’t see a mark, you should question whether or not the product has been tested and is safe for use.

How do Marks differ?

Each Mark is evidence that a product has been tested to national or international industry specific standards. The primary difference between the Marks from different laboratories is in the service behind them. When you see the ETL Listed Mark, for example, you know the product has been tested, found in compliance with industry standards and meets the necessary requirements to be sold in the market.