5X5 Strategy

Our long term '5x5' differentiated strategy for growth comprises five strategic priorities and five strategic enablers, targeted at the achievement of five corporate goals that help us measure progress.

Our strategic goals


Fully engaged employees working in a safe environment


Superior customer service in Assurance, Testing, Inspection and Certification


Margin-accretive revenue growth based on GDP+ organic growth


Strong cash conversion from operations


Accretive, disciplined capital allocation policy

Our 5 strategic priorities

Differentiated brand proposition
We are focused on developing a strong and differentiated brand, to position Intertek as the global market leader in Total Quality Assurance (‘TQA’).

Superior customer service
Delivering the highest standards of customer service is at the heart of our journey to being the world’s most trusted TQA partner.

Effective sales strategy
Driving continuous improvement in margin-accretive revenue growth demands a structured and disciplined approach to sales effectiveness that is increasing leads and conversion rates.

Growth and margin accretive portfolio
Prioritising investments with high-growth and high-margin prospects which help us to deliver maximum value.

Operational excellence
An Ever Better approach to continuously improving our efficiency and productivity through quality management and operational excellence.

Our 5 strategic enablers

Living our customer - centric culture
Strong spirit of entrepreneurship, a customer-focused mindset and engagement at all levels of the organisation.

Disciplined performance management
Financial and nonfinancial metrics and processes focusing on margin accretive revenue growth and strong cash conversion.

Superior technology
Improving the customer experience, leveraging back office synergies and delivering superior business intelligence.

Energising our people
Through investments in their capabilities, providing a fully aligned reward system and promoting internal growth.

Delivering sustainable results
Providing growth for our customers and shareholders and recognising the importance of sustainability for the wider community.