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I am delighted to report on another successful year for Intertek. What we do every day is amazing, delivering on our purpose of bringing quality, safety and sustainability to life, not just for our 400,000+ clients in more than 100 countries worldwide, but also for their many, many millions of customers and stakeholders.

Continuing with the approach introduced last year, we have presented our 2022 Annual Report as three separate but connected books, designed to make it easier for our stakeholder to fully understand our business, how we bring quality, safety and sustainability to life, what we offer our clients, and the opportunities we have ahead of us.

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Intertek at its core is a network of science-based, highly technically skilled individuals and teams who are dedicated to helping businesses become ever better.”

Signature of CEO André Lacroix Chief Executive Officer


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  • We are purpose-led and passionate about making the world a better place, bringing quality, safety and sustainability to life.
  • We provide a superior customer service with our ATIC solutions, and Science-based Customer Excellence is our competitive advantage.
  • Our approach to value creation is based on the compounding effect of margin-accretive revenue growth, strong cash generation and disciplined investment in growth. This has delivered an 8% annual to Total Shareholder Return since 2012.
  • Stakeholders’ expectations in a post Covid-19 world in terms of quality, safety and sustainability are higher, making the case for our risk-based Quality Assurance solutions stronger.
  • We are well positioned to continue to deliver sustainable growth and value for all our stakeholders.
  • Continuous progress on Health and Safety with a reduction of 7bps in our Total Recordable Incident Rate vs 2021.
  • Since 2015, we have used the Net Promoter Score (‘NPS’) to listen to our customers and conduct on average 5,400 interviews each month which has enabled us to improve our customer service over the years consistently.
  • We recognise the importance of employee engagement in driving sustainable performance for all stakeholders, and we measure employee engagement against our Intertek ATIC Engagement Index. Our 2022 score was 80.
  • We are driving environmental performance across our operations through new science-based reduction targets to 2030 as well as site-by-site action plans. Our rigorous monthly performance management of our net zero plans against emission reduction targets has delivered total CO2e emissions (market-based) reductions of 7.8% vs 2021.
  • Our voluntary permanent employee turnover was at a low rate of 14%.
£3,193m Revenue (2021: £2,786m)
£3,067m Like-for-like revenue1 (2021: £2,761m)
£386m Adjusted free cash flow1, 2 (2021: £402m)
£520m Adjusted operating profit1, 2 (2021: £474m)
£452m statutory operating profit (2021: £433m)
18.0% return on invested capital1 (2021: 18.2%)
16.3% Adjusted operating margin1, 2 (2021: 17.0%)
14.2% Statutory operating margin (2021: 15.5%)
105.8p Dividend per share3 (2021: 105.8p)
211.1p Adjusted diluted EPS1, 2 (2021: 190.8p)
178.4p Statutory diluted EPS (2021: 177.9p)
  • 1. Definitions of the alternative performance measures, metrics and constant rates can be found in Book three, page 61.
  • 2. Adjusted operating profit, adjusted operating profit margin, adjusted diluted earnings per share (‘EPS’) and adjusted free cash flow are non-GAAP measures. Adjusted measures are stated before Separately Disclosed Items, which are described in note 3 to the financial statements in Book three, page 11. Reconciliations between statutory and adjusted measures, as well as return on invested capital and cash conversion, are shown in the Financial review.
  • 3. Dividend per share for 2022 is based on the interim dividend paid of 34.2p (2021: 34.2p) plus the proposed final dividend of 71.6p (2021: 71.6p).

The Intertek





Science-based Customer Excellence is our differentiator. It enables us to be at the forefront of the world’s most critical and exciting industries, doing amazing things to help businesses everywhere become ever better.

It’s the science behind what we do that drives the customer excellence advantage. The intelligence and expertise of our network of Total Quality Assurance Experts, combined with a drive for continuous improvement, and data-driven innovation, gives our customers the solutions they need to power ahead with confidence.

As proven industry experts, it’s not just what we do that makes us unique, it’s how we do it. We are a force for good bringing quality, safety and sustainability to life in more than 100 countries, creating value for all our stakeholders now and into the future.


making the world ever better by



Medical device companies face multiple challenges as they work to get safe and effective products to market. From contamination and stability  issues to failure resolution and quality control. Our medical device testing experts help resolve these issues through scientific solutions based on more than 30 years of experience in materials science and mechanical and chemical testing.

Our commitment to Science-based Customer Excellence accelerates our customers’ product development and enables smoother regulatory submissions and approvals. We support customers through the entire product lifecycle – from clinical research, product development and regulatory submission, through to production. It’s an approach that’s tangibly making the world a better and a safer place.




In aviation

Intertek Caleb Brett is a global leader in testing and inspecting petroleum, chemical and biofuel cargoes. Across nearly 400 sites worldwide, we deliver 24/7 independent quantity and quality inspection and laboratory testing services.

Our expertise in scientific and analytical assessment supports the entire supply chain for biodiesel, ethanol, biomass and other biofuels, providing quality and safety solutions to a wide range of industries. Drawing on our bedrock of Science-based Customer Excellence, our inspectors and chemists deliver data-driven insight, innovation and continuous improvement to refiners, producers and blenders, distributors, consumers and research institutes.


Using our scientific



Intertek is an industry leader in the Assurance, Testing, Inspection and Certification sector for agriculture, propelled by our unmatched dedication to Science-based Customer Excellence to help shape an ever better world. Intertek AgriWorld offers clients a broad selection of services in environmental analysis and monitoring, from waste water, agricultural water, soils, noise, air quality, through to emissions into the atmosphere, as well as food and water for human consumption.

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Reporting Downloads

We are pleased to share with you our Annual Report and Accounts in a unique, three book format:

  • Book one – Strategic Report
  • Book two – Sustainability Report
  • Book three – Financial Report

They have been designed to make it easier for our stakeholders to fully understand our business, how we bring quality and safety to life, what we offer our clients and society, and the opportunities we have ahead of us.

The three books, which allow us to present our work in 2022 to you through the three important lenses of growth opportunities, sustainability goals and financial performance, should be read together to form our Annual Report and Accounts 2022.

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Book 1

Strategic report

Download Report (PDF 4.8mb)
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Book 2

Sustainability report

Download Report (PDF 6.3mb)
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Book 3

Financial report

Download Report (PDF 1.1mb)