03 Mar 2022

Santa Clara, California – Intertek, a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide, will offer an on-demand presentation discussing optimization of wind operations and maintenance at the San Diego, California-based American Clean Power (ACP) Operations and Maintenance Safety (OMS) Conference during March 8-10, 2022.

The ACP OMS Conference brings together thought leaders, suppliers, service providers, owners, operators, and many other stakeholders. Attendees are encouraged to collaborate in an atmosphere of learning, knowledge-sharing and innovation, all of which is focused on providing solutions that improve safety, quality, operational efficiency and asset reliability.

Nikhil Kumar, Intertek Managing Director, Asset Integrity Management, will provide an on-demand presentation titled ‘Optimizing Wind Operations and Maintenance’. This presentation discusses the importance of a risk-based Equipment Life Optimization Program (ELOP) that enables owners and operators to strategically plan and manage wind power plant asset life.

Managing wind generation assets in today’s volatile electricity markets and regulatory environment is a challenge to all power plant owners. Decisions must frequently be made on capital expenditures and maintenance budgets that are prudent given projected market opportunities. Optimizing plant capital and maintenance expenditures requires knowledge about current and future market conditions as well as detailed knowledge about each critical component of a wind generation unit. Damage from aging and increased loading (fatigue failures) are major concerns. O&M should not be an afterthought, and considerations in turbine selection, construction quality, as well as cost & availability of maintenance services should be made. Such decisions need to balance plant costs against projected revenues and profits, which are directly related to plant availability.

Nikhil Kumar commented, “Intertek is proud to be a leader in asset performance management, helping our global customers identify and estimate the costs, reliability and life expectancies of wind industry assets. Included in these services is Intertek WindAware, a software solution used for managing wind farm asset performance and inspection data. This tool provides organized, readily-available up-to-date equipment data to optimize asset performance while improving collaboration and equipment reliability.”

To meet with one of our experts at the ACP OMS Conference, please visit us at booth #101. Learn how we provide O&M forecasting and benchmarking; estimate remaining useful life (RUL); enable cost-savings; help optimize maintenance and support improved component reliability through early failure detection.

Learn more about our Asset Performance Management Software and our Asset Integrity Management Services.

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