22 May 2013


In May, June and July 2013, Intertek will be hosting a series of regulatory lunch and learn sessions. This series will be focused on regional food contact regulations for plastics, but will also touch on related food contact regulatory information and/or guidelines, such as inks and adhesives.

Take this opportunity to meet and greet the experts during our local lunch and learn events!

Examples of topics for discussion:

  • US and Europe Food Contact regulatory update
  • How to prove food contact compliance for fatty food in Europe if vegetable oil cannot be used?
  • BPA (Bisphenol A) - enlargement of the ban of this substance in food contact applications. How does this impact the use of this substance?
  • Some testing conditions have changed with implementing the EU legislation 10/2011: how to define test conditions now for general use and/or specific application? Examples packaging, kitchen utensils, food processing equipment, semi- finished food contact materials.
  • How to approach the risk assessment of non-intentionally added substances (NIAS)?
  • My clients are located worldwide, which regulations should I follow? Is there any synergy for approach for the global market?
  • Products are more often a combination of materials (multi-material-multilayers), how to ensure that all components are in compliance for their intended use?
  • What is the impact of issue chemicals such as Phthalates on the food contact articles?

These events are intended to be informal; exchange of experience and issues are most welcome and will be encouraged during the events.

In addition, food contact or other regulatory issues for the chemical industry and any other industries affected by food contact notification and compliance can be discussed with one of our Intertek regulatory affairs experts. Attending any one of these events is free!  

Agenda for global food contact lunch and learn sessions:

  • Basel, Switzerland - 28th May (in German)
  • Washington DC, US - 3rd June
  • Wiesbaden, Germany - 4th June (in German)
  • Hamburg, Germany - 5th June (in German)
  • Antwerp, Belgium - 18th June
  • Whitehouse NJ, US - 19th June
  • Geleen, Netherlands - 19th June
  • Hoogvliet (Rtd.), Netherlands - 27th June (note: this date changed!)
  • Paris, France - 4th July (in French)
  • Wilton, UK - 5th July
  • Manchester, UK - 8th July
  • Milton Keynes, UK - TBC

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