13 Feb 2013


A first-rate understanding of FDA regulations and guidelines is necessary to ensure the safe use of food-contact materials. Regardless of where your company stands in the supply chain, companies must verify the food-contact compliance of their materials when used in food packaging materials and other food-contact applications. Ensuring that all components in food-contact applications have suitable regulatory compliance is the first step in achieving a market that contains safe products for consumers. 

This Intertek webinar will provide you with an overview of the United States’ food-contact regulations and guidelines, including the existing clearances in Code of Federal Regulations, as well as how to obtain food-contact compliance for new materials via the Food Contact Notification program. 

Topics Addressed:

  • Introduction and Definitions (Direct and Indirect Food Additives)
  • How to Determine if a Product is in Compliance & FDA Compliance Listings
  • Food Contact Notifications (FCNs) and Food Additive Petitions (FAPs)
  • Requirements of the Food Contact Notification, including timing of FDA response
  • Example of Migration and Dietary Exposure Calculations for a FCN (including FDA’s default assumptions and Consumption Factors)
  • Alternative methods to achieve compliance: 100% Migration Calculations & TOR submission, Prior-Sanction, and GRAS

Webinar Download:

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