The Sequence VIII test evaluates crankcase lubricating oils for their copper and lead corrosion control capabilities, along with shear stability under high temperature operating conditions

The Sequence VIII test involves steady state operation of the single cylinder CLR oil evaluation engine. After a 4-hour break-in and a 1/2-hour flush, the engine is operated under constant speed, air-fuel ratio and fuel flow conditions for an additional 40 hours. Prior to each run, the engine is thoroughly cleaned, and pertinent measurements of the engine parts are taken. A new piston, piston rings, and copper/lead connecting rod bearing are installed. The cylinder head is also reconditioned.

Key operating conditions for the Sequence VIII procedure:

Test ParametersSet Point
Duration40 h
Speed3150 ± 25 r/min
LoadAdjusted to provide proper fuel flow at the specified Air-to-Fuel Ratio
Fuel Flow2.25 ± 0.11 kg/h
Air-to-Fuel Ratio13.43 ± 0.5
Engine Jacket Out Coolant Temperature93.5 ± 1°C
Engine Jacket Coolant Temperature Delta5.6 ± 1°C
Gallery Oil Temperature135.0 or 143.5 ± 1°C [B]
Crankcase Off Gas850 ± 28 SCL/h [A]

[A] Controlled by adding sufficient ambient air to rocker box to achieve an Off Gas Flow of 30 ft3/h
[B] 135°C for SAE 5W, 10W; 143.5°C for SAE 20,30,40,50 and multi-viscosity grade oils

This test utilizes an unleaded fuel named "KA24E" which has a green identifying dye. It is supplied by Haltermann Products. At the conclusion of the test, the engine is disassembled and the performance of the oil tested is judged by the following:

  • Weight loss of the copper/lead big end connecting rod bearing.
  • Periodic oil sample analysis.

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