Automatic Transmission Fluid Testing evaluates a fluid's resistance to oxidation in a high temperature, high oxygen environment

The DEXRON®-VI Oxidation Test is a 450 hour steady state test utilizing a 7.5 kW electric motor and a GM 4L60E Electronic Transmission. The test evaluates an automatic transmission fluid's oxidation resistance, thermal stability, material compatibility characteristics. Fluid temperatures are maintained at 163oC (325oF) and external air is pumped into the transmission. Fluid samples are drawn at intervals throughout the test and analyzed for products of oxidation, TAN increase, differential IR, viscosity increase, and wear metals. The end of test evaluation includes a used fluid analysis and a transmission component rating for sludge accumulation.

The Allison Oxidation test uses the same test stand and runs under the same operating conditions as the DEXRON® test. The C4 test length is 300 hours, and the TES-295 and TES-353 tests are run to 600 hours.

The MERCON® Aluminum Beaker Oxidation Test (ABOT)  is a bench oxidation test in which fluid is oxidized in an aluminum beaker. The Aluminum Beaker Oxidation Test is a small-scale oxidation test for automatic transmission fluids.

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