The DEXRON®-VI Cycling Test is a 467 hour, 42,000 cycle test

The DEXRON®-VI Cycling Test evaluates an automatic transmission fluid's oxidation resistance, friction characteristic stability, lubrication properties, and viscosity stability. The test utilizes a Chevrolet 5.7L tune port injected engine in combination with a GM 4L60 Transmission. The end-of-test evaluation includes used oil analysis, and transmission component ratings for sludge accumulation and unusual or excessive wear.

The MERCON® Cycling Test is run on the same stand and under the same operating conditions. The test length is the same as the DEXRON®-III, H Revision, test - 356 hours/32,000 cycles. (General Motors no longer licenses DEXRON®-III ATF's)

General Motors is in the process of updating the test engine (2005 SSR - 6.0L LS2) and transmission (4L65-E, MN2), and Automotive Research is installing a stand with the new powertrain.

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