The Intertek Automotive Research Laboratory provides a wide range of chemical, fuel, lubricant and physical testing to ASTM Standards supporting automotive related fuel and lubricant test programs

Test Method Test Description
ASTM D86 Distillation: Gasoline, Kerosene, Naphthas
ASTM D91 Precipitation Number
ASTM D92 Flash Point (Cleveland Open Cup)
ASTM D93 Flash Point (Pensky-Martens)
ASTM D95 Water Determination (Distillation)
ASTM D96 Water and Sediment Determination of Crude Oils, Centrifuge
ASTM D97 Pour Point
ASTM D130 Copper Strip Corrosion
ASTM D189 Carbon Residue, Conradson
ASTM D287 API Gravity (Hydrometer)
ASTM D322 Fuel Dilution (Gasoline)
ASTM D341 Fuel Dilution (Diesel)
ASTM D381 Existent Gum in Fuels
ASTM D412 Tensile and Elongation testing
ASTM D445 Kinematic Viscosity (°C)
ASTM D445 Kinematic Viscosity (Additive Package)
ASTM D445 Kinematic Viscosity (Mack T-8 @ 100°C)
ASTM D445 Kinematic Viscosity (150°C)
ASTM D445 Kinematic Viscosity (below -18°C)
ASTM D471 Rubber Property, Effect of Liquids
ASTM D482 Ash Content
ASTM D524 Carbon Residue, Ramsbottom
ASTM D525 Oxidation Stability of Gasoline
ASTM D664 Total Acid Number (Potentiometric)
ASTM D664 Total (pH11)
ASTM D664 Total Base Number (Potentiometric)
ASTM D664 Total (pH4)
ASTM D665 Rust Preventing Characteristics A or B
ASTM D676 Indentation of Rubber, Durometer
ASTM D808 Chlorine in Lube Oil (Bomb Method)
ASTM D810 Sulfated Residue
ASTM D874 Sulfated Ash
ASTM D892 Foaming Characteristics of Lube Oil
ASTM D892M Foaming Characteristics of Lube Oil, Modified Sequence IV (150°C)
ASTM D893 Pentane-Toluene Insolubles (Normal, Coagulated)
ASTM D943 Turbine Oil Oxidation Test (TOST)
ASTM D943M Dry Turbine Oil Oxidation Test (Dry TOST)
ASTM D974 Acid Number, Colorimetric
ASTM D974 Base Number, Colorimetric
ASTM D976 Cetane Index (Calculated)
ASTM D1093 Acidity of Residues (Gasoline or Petroleum Solvents)
ASTM D1119 Ash Content of Anti-Freeze and Anti-Rust
ASTM D1120 Boiling Point of Anti-Freeze
ASTM D1121 Reserve Alkalinity of Anti-Freeze
ASTM D1122 Specific Gravity of Anti-Freeze
ASTM D1218 Refractive Index of Hydrocarbon Liquids
ASTM D1275 Copper Strip Test
ASTM D1287 pH Determination of Anti-Freeze
ASTM D1298 API Gravity (Hydrometer Method)
ASTM D1384 Corrosion Test for Anti-Freeze
ASTM D1401 Emulsion Characteristics
ASTM D1479 Emulsion Stability of Soluble Cutting Oils
ASTM D1500 Color ASTM Scale
ASTM D1744 Water Determination replaced w/ D 6304
ASTM D1748 Rust Protection (Humidity Cabinet) (Each additional 24 hour testing period)
ASTM D1796 Water and Sediment Determination in Fuel Oils (Centrifuge)
ASTM D2007 Clay Gel Analysis
ASTM D2161 Conversion of Kinematic to Saybolt Viscosity
ASTM D2240 Rubber Property Durometer Hardness
ASTM D2266 Wear Preventive Characteristics of Lubricating Grease (4-Ball Method)
ASTM D2270 Viscosity Index (Calculation Only)
ASTM D2273 Trace Sediment of Lube Oils
ASTM D2422 Classification of Industrial Fluid Lubricants by Viscosity System
ASTM D2500 Cloud Points
ASTM D2596 CExtrem-Pressure Properties of Lubricating Grease (4-Ball Method)
ASTM D2602 Cold Cranking Viscosity
ASTM D2622 Sulfur by X-Ray Spectrometry
ASTM D2781 Compatibility of Fuel Oil Blends by Spot Test
ASTM D2783 Extrem-Pressure Properties of Lubricating (4-Ball Method)
ASTM D2887 Boiling Range Distribution of Petroleum Fractions by Gas Chromatography
ASTM D2893 Oxidation Characteristics of EP Oil
ASTM D2896 Base Number (Perchloric Acid Titration)
ASTM D2982 Glycol Base Anti-Freeze in Used Oil (Kit)
ASTM D2983 Brookfield Viscosity (Apparent) of Gear Oil at Low Temperature
ASTM D3228 Nitrogen, Modified Kjeldahl
ASTM D3321 Freezing Point Determination
ASTM D3524 Diesel Fuel Diluent in used engine oils
ASTM D3524M Diesel Fuel Diluent by GC (Base Oil Corrected)
ASTM D3525 Gasoline Diluent in Used Engine Oils by Gas Chromatography
ASTM D3703 Peroxide Number of Aviation Turbine Fuels
ASTM D3829 Predicting the Borderline Pumping Temperature of Engine Oil
ASTM D3945A Shear Stability of Fluids KO, replaced w/ D6278
ASTM D4052 Density by Digital Density Meter
ASTM D4055 Pentane Insolubles, by Membrane Filtration
ASTM D4055M Pentane Insolubles by Membrane Filtration, Ford Modified
ASTM D4172 4-Ball Wear Test
ASTM D4294 Sulfur by X-Ray Fluorescence
ASTM D4310 Sludge Tendency of Turbine Oils
ASTM D4629 Trace Nitrogen by Chemiluminescence
ASTM D4682 Miscibility with Gasoline
ASTM D4683 Viscosity at High Shear Rate and High Temperature (HTHS) by Tapered Bearing Simulator (TBS) at 150 or 300°C
ASTM D4684 Yield Stress and Apparent Viscosity of Engine Oils at Low Temperature
ASTM D4737 Cetane Index (Calculated)
ASTM D4739 Base Number Determination by Potentiometric Titration
ASTM D4815 Oxygenates and Alcohols in gasoline by Gas Chromatography
ASTM D4927 Elemental Analysis of Lubricant Additives by Wavelength-Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy
ASTM D4951 Elemental Analysis of Lubricants, Additives
ASTM D5059 Lead in Gasoline by X-Ray Spectrometry
ASTM D5133 Scanning Brookfield Viscosity and Gelation Index
ASTM D5134 Hydrocarbon Components by Capillary GC
ASTM D5185 Wear and Additive Metals by ICP
ASTM D5191 Reid Vapor Pressure by Auto Grabner
ASTM D5291 Nitrogen by Thermal Analysis
ASTM D5293 Apparent Viscosity by Cold Cranking Simulator (CCS)
ASTM D5453 Sulfur by Chemiluminescence, UV detection
ASTM D5481 High-Temperature High-Shear by Multicell Capillary Viscometer
ASTM D5662 Gear Oil Compatibility with Elastomers
ASTM D5762 Nitrogen by Boat-Inlet Chemiluminescence
ASTM D5800 Evaporation Loss of Lubricating Oils by Noack
ASTM D5950 Pour Point by Automatic Tilt
ASTM D5968 Corrosion Bench Test (TMC Calibrated)
ASTM D6594 High Temperature Corrosion Bench Test(TMC calibrated)
ASTM D6082 High Temperature Foaming
ASTM D6186 Oxidation Induction Time by PDSC
ASTM D5967A4 Soot Content by Thermal Gravimetric Analysis (Mack engine Test Procedured)
ASTM D6278 Diesel Injector Shear Stability (30 cycles) (AKA Kurt Orban, KO, DIN, or Bosh Shear)
ASTM D6278M DIN Shear (90 or More Cycles)
ASTM D6304 Water Determination by Coulimetric KF
ASTM D6335 TEOST method 33C Deposit Test
ASTM D6352 Boiling Point Distribution of Lubricating Oils
ASTM D6417 Oil Volatility (SIMDIS)
ASTM D6443 Elemental Analysis of Lubricants by WDXRF
ASTM D6557 Ball Rust Test
ASTM D6743 Thermal Stability of Organic Heat Transfer Fluid
ASTM D6895 Rotational Viscosity of HD Diesel Drain Oils at 100°C
ASTM D7097 TEOST MHT Deposit test
ASTM D7109 DIN Shear 30 and 90 Cycles combined Method)
ASTM E168 FTIR Infrared Quantitative and Qualitative
ASTM E1131 Soot Content by Thermal Gravimetric Analysis
ASTM E1269 Specific Heat by DSC

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