Sandra McKenzie, Msc., Senior Associate

Sandra McKenzie is a Scientific and Regulatory Analyst and has been with Intertek since 2008.  Working with numerous clients, Ms. McKenzie’s primary focus and role include REACH technical support, assessment of substances using computer based structure-activity relationship (SAR) models, preparation of hazard communication documents, cosmetic Toxicological Risk Assessment (TRA) and New Substance Notifications (NSNs) in Canada.

Ms. McKenzie’s primary responsibilities encompass assisting with the preparation of REACH registrations, CLP classifications, SDS preparations, environmental fate and toxicity, cosmetic TRA preparations, and Canadian New Substance Notifications.  This includes the assessment of technical data, computer-based SAR model predictions, review and positioning of ecotox studies, and assisting in the preparation of waiver requests and alternative methodology reports for submissions according to the NSN Regulations under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) and similar initiatives around the world.  In this context, Ms. McKenzie gathers, interprets, and delivers the necessary toxicological and product-support information for classifying chemicals and products.  She offers advice, guidance, and assistance with foreign suppliers to obtain compositional information, toxicological data and physical-chemical properties for scientific and regulatory classification purposes.

Prior to joining Intertek in 2008, Ms. McKenzie amassed more than 10 years of experience in the antimicrobial industry.  She held positions responsible for analytical chemistry, R&D, regulatory affairs, and hazard communication.  In these positions, Ms. McKenzie supported the interpretation of evolving legislative requirements within Canada, the United States, Australia, and Europe in order to help with the development of new antimicrobial formulations for the textile industry.  Additionally, Ms. McKenzie worked as a chemist in research and development for a large cosmetics manufacturer.  This position involved formulating, review of ingredients to ensure compliance with various legislative requirements and stability testing.  This position provided Ms. McKenzie with an appreciation of the various scientific and legislative requirements prior to placing cosmetics on the market.  Coming from industry, Ms. McKenzie understands industry’s need to balance technical, regulatory, and financial considerations.

Within Intertek, Ms. McKenzie also plays a major role in the management of a special project team whose tasks involve the preparation of IUCLID datasets for REACH.  Her organizational skills, communication skills, and knowledge of regulations aid the team in completing a large number of projects under short deadlines.

Sandra McKenzie (nee Hillis) Publications & Blogs:

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