Inez Kasimba, Regulatory Manager

Inez Kasimba joined Intertek in 2009.  She leads the Houston Hazcom team in the area of SDS authoring, labeling, and global regulatory support.  Additionally, her responsibilities include Project Management and Business Development in a multitude of service offerings.  As a Regulatory Manager she serves as a regulatory resource to the company and external customers on compliance issues related to Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and labelling.  She works alongside a team of experts which includes a chemist, a toxicologist and several global chemical notification experts.

Inez received a Bachelor of Science from the University of Houston with a degree in Biology and Psychology.  She is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Health, Safety & Environmental Management.  Her client experience includes chemicals, oil & gas, paints, inks, labs, cosmetics, manufactures, distributors, medical & pharmaceutical, minerals, and a host of other industries. 

Inez is a member of Society for Chemical Hazard Communication (SCHC) and is knowledgeable of Regulatory Compliance Objectives including OSHA Hazard Communication Standard, European Union Directives CLP, GHS, REACH, WHMIS, Prop 65 and TSCA.