The Global Standard for Storage and Distribution ensures the quality and safety of products during their storage and distribution throughout the supply chain.

Issue 4 reflects the changing dynamics of the logistics sector with the growth of e-commerce and the diversification of operational activities, and supports greater supply chain visibility and assurance.

Key Benefits

Drives Integrity

BRCGS sets the benchmark for best practice, helping to provide reassurance that products and services are high quality, legal and safe.

Greater Business Improvement

Continual improvement is achieved through the Standard by enhancing root cause analysis and internal audit requirements.

Builds Consumer Confidence

The Standard addresses consumer assurance demands and demonstrates industry best practice by encouraging the development of a product safety culture.

About the Standard

The BRCGS Global Standard for Storage and Distribution reflects the best practice and facilitates a process of continual improvement through well-designed risk-based product safety management systems.

The Standard is specifically designed for logistics operations dealing with Food, Packaging, and Consumer Products. It is easy to understand, uses prescriptive language, and is applicable for global application.

The Standard has been developed to cover all activities which may affect the safety, quality and legality of the products stored and distributed, and of additional contracted services provided by storage and distribution companies.

A unique benefit of the Standard is that Operations can choose Additional Voluntary Modules (AVMs) that cover common current industry practice to demonstrate greater supply chain assurance. The AVMs cover e-commerce, cross-docking, wholesale, contracted packing, inspection and waste management. 

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