Who can benefit from QPM Certification?

The Quality & Performance Mark can be shown as a badge of truth about a product’s performance. It provides a realistic assessment - from a third-party laboratory - of what the product can do and how well it does it. This benefits several groups, including:

Manufacturers and Retailers

  • Differentiate product
  • Protect and deliver on brand promise
  • Build trust and brand reputation among consumers
  • Gain buyer’s support and trust
  • Broaden market from early adopters
  • Support of independent third party to validate marketing claims
  • Means to validate sourced product components (manufacturers) or product lines (retailers)


  • Reassurance as to quality and performance
  • Aids in navigation among product choices and features
  • Independent verification which will lead them to the right product choice

Trade Associations

  • Validate and spread the use of new technologies
  • Proactively champion good values (supply chain validation, green practices, etc.)
  • Further support association programs through a consumer facing performance mark
  • Additional level of performance builds on programs
  • Benchmarked level of quality assurance for industry

Regardless of who your target audience may be, the Quality & Performance  Mark certification adds meaning and value to your product in a very tangible and easy-to-understand way.

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