With decades of experience and practice, we can help you to determine the safety requirements and process controls needed to minimize the hazards associated with powder handling and chemical manufacture.

Intertek Expert Services provides the necessary training, consulting and testing on all aspects of Powder Handling and Processing Operations.

We provide full-service, world class, complete explosion and process safety testing based on the latest ASTM and ISO standards.

Our technology development and practical experience can help improve your operational safety, from pneumatic transfer to bulk bag discharge. Much of our laboratory equipment is custom designed by our professional staff. We also work within the industry to help develop methods and standards for explosivity measurement and ratings. Research in electrostatics and explosion technology is conducted by our experts in powder characterization.

  • Minimum ignition energy (MIE)
  • Dust explosivity (KSt and Pmax)
  • Minimum auto-ignition temperature (MAIT) of dust clouds
  • Burning test
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