Intertek pilot plant research converts biomass materials into transportion fuels.

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Intertek works with biomass feedstock materials, helping clients develop alternative hydrocarbon based fuels used in transportation.

Biomass can be converted to fuel by numerous processes.  Two such processes convert triacylglycerides recovered from algae and other plants to biodiesel.  The resulting green diesel/jet fuel are similar to those obtained from conventional crude oils.  Intertek provides pilot plant testing services to assist the biofuels industry in the development of new generations of biofuels.

Intertek can provide testing services to upgrade Fischer-Tropsch liquids, which are made from the syngas produced from biomass to transportation fuels.

Biofuel supply chains are intricate and carry various environmental consequences. Ensuring sustainability at the producer level is crucial, evidenced through sustainability verification of the biomass.
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Pilot Plant Services Brochure

Intertek Pilot Plant Services offers the flexibility to modify our existing equipment and flow schemes, install client provided equipment or acquire new commercially available equipment, as needed, to closely replicate the preferred process configuration.

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