29 Jan 2015

(Bogotá, Colombia) Intertek, a leading provider of quality and safety services to a wide range of industries around the world, has won a contract for testing and analysis of refined products for a major Latin American Oil & Gas company. The agreement is for four years, with an option for an additional four year extension on the project.

Intertek will perform testing and analysis of refined products being transported by pipeline, delivering quality control data which will help the client better manage their operations and support operational business decisions.

To meet client requirements, Intertek is constructing 3 fully equipped laboratories in central and western Colombia, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and staffed by personnel trained and experienced in the testing of petroleum refined products.

Carlos Velasco, Intertek Managing Director for the West Coast South America region said: “This contract award is an outstanding achievement for Intertek in Colombia, as this is the first time the client entrusted an independent company to operate this scale of quality control testing on their behalf. This project confirms Intertek’s position as a market leader in providing independent analytical services for crude oil and petroleum refined products. We are honored that this this customer has chosen Intertek as a strategic service partner."

With the new laboratories Intertek will also provide independent, impartial, and confidential analytical testing services to other customers, effectively expanding Intertek’s capabilities and locations in Colombia. This laboratory project allows Intertek to expand into new markets and provide clients with enhanced service and logistical coverage.

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