ETL Certification - Fees

A simple, straight-forward approach to certification fees

Our certification fees are simplified to make your budgeting even easier. The structure of our “ETL Certification Services” now includes all quarterly services, as well as the travel costs for our Inspectors. The fees for our certification program are as follows and are assessed per Applicant and Manufacturing location correlation:

$570.00 USD

QUARTERLY CERTIFICATION FEE (includes Certification, Inspection* and Travel Expenses):

United States & Canada$970
Mexico & Brazil$1,520
Argentina & Chile$3,630
Caribbean Islands$2,110
Asia Pacific$1,550
Australia & New Zealand$1,760
Middle East$1,925
Europe, Russia, OtherPlease inquire

*NOTE: For locations having more than quarterly Inspections, the following fees will apply for additional inspections and will be invoiced separately (includes expenses):

United States & Canada$475
Mexico & Brazil$1,025
Argentina & Chile$3,135
Caribbean Islands$1,615
Asia Pacific$1,055
Australia & New Zealand$1,265
Middle East$1,430
Europe, Russia, OtherPlease inquire


There are two methods for obtaining labels, depending on how you choose to place the ETL Mark on your product:

METHOD 1: "Direct Imprint" is a label designed outside of Intertek
A $330 Direct Imprint fee will be added to the quarterly Certification Fees noted above, as this is a quarterly licensing fee for the use of our Mark on your product, label, or nameplate. All label artwork that is designed by you or another party other than Intertek, must be submitted to the Certification Department for final approval.

METHOD 2: "Separable Labels" are purchased directly from Intertek
These fees are in addition to the quarterly Certification Fees noted above, but are only ordered as needed. They do not need to be ordered quarterly.

500 Labels$910
1,000 Labels$1,135
2,000 Labels$1,475
5,000 Labels$1,815
Additional QuantitiesPlease inquire


Additional Potential Fees
Multiple Listee arrangements, if applicable, are charged a $175 quarterly Multiple Listee Licensing Fee and a $120 quarterly Multiple Listee Report Fee.

Should our Engineering Services determine there are non-certified components deemed critical in the product meeting test requirements, ongoing (annual) Component Evaluation may be required. This is determined during the Testing and Listing Development process and will be specifically noted in the Listing Report. These fees will be quoted separately (annually).

Any Administrative or Minor Technical changes to Reports by our SVN Center to address Variance/Variation items or Standard Updates may incur additional charges. These fees will be quoted separately, upon instance.

Penalty Fees:

Penalty may be incurred for misuse of the mark. Misuse or non-complying product investigations can be $2,500 for the first offense and $5,000 for the second. A third offense may result in termination of the listing.

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