Thank you for choosing Intertek and ETL Certification. We’re excited to welcome you to the family.

Product certification is sometimes considered a slow, complex process. We understand and have developed our ETL Certification program so that it remains fast and simple. This is our commitment to you.

For decades we've been offering our ETL Certification as an OSHA-recognized alternative to other programs. We've designed it to be better, faster and simpler - exactly what manufacturers have told us they want. What's more, we continue to improve it every year.

The entire process consists of just four steps, and we’re here to guide you through each one. Click through the steps below to learn more.

4 Steps to ETL Certification (Non-Building Products)

1. Information
We will use your initial listing report that was issued after testing, and we will also ask for a Client Information Sheet to be completed. The Client Information Sheet may have already been done when your project was quoted, so it’s possible a new one will not be needed.

2. Agreement
After the Client Information Sheet, you will receive a Certification Agreement that simply states you agree to the terms and conditions of the ETL certification program.

3. Inspection
Intertek will conduct an Initial Factory Assessment (IFA) at each of your proposed manufacturing locations. These inspections ensure that your internal processes are well-defined and allow for that location to continue manufacturing compliant products – the way your original test samples were made.

4. Authorization
This is the document you’ve been waiting for. It’s permission from Intertek to legally use the ETL Mark on your product.

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