Knowledge Portal: Regulatory Updates


How to get handy regulatory information in one-stop?
As global demand increases rapidly on your products’ quality at International level, you need a resourceful repository with accurate and precise information in quality & safety. From audit safety, quality assurance and certification, you need a reliable partner to keep you and your team informative as always.


Your Regulation Center.
We are the worldwide expert in quality and safety, from auditing, inspection to consultancy service; our Regulatory Updates inform customers a series of wide-ranges European and American regulations.

Industries coverage includes:

  • Children’s and Related Products
  • Textiles, Footwear and Related Products
  • Cosmetics and Related Products
  • Food Contacting Articles

With quick and precise weekly updates of the latest regulations, you can always stay alert for country-wide regulations anytime anywhere.


  • Convenient: Customer can view our updated regulations anytime anywhere.
  • Clear Classification: Regulatory information is clearly classified by corresponding product category.
  • Precise & Accurate: Precise, concise and accurate regulatory information delivered.
  • Quick-In-Time: Customers can have regular regulatory updates quick in time.