Public Notices & Product Safety Alerts

Our public Notices and Safety Alerts provide you with recent announcements on product safety concerns and counterfeit ETL and/or WHI Listed and Verified Marks. Posting of Public Notices and Safety Alerts are categorized based on the following criteria

  • Public Notices generally involve a certification mark (i.e. cETLus) and are usually only posted with Intertek and relevant Regulatory Bodies. These notices include marketing claims, an unauthorized Multiple Listee, products changed by manufacturers without notifying Intertek, or unknown products. Notices may also advise of a risk with a product where tests may have been conducted with errors in procedure.
  • Safety Alerts generally do not involve a certification and only posted with Intertek. These notices advise of false non-certification marketing claims and falsified test reports. Additionally, notices may advise of a risk associated with a product where tests may have been conducted with errors in procedure.

Public Notices & Safety Alerts Archive

Public Notices

08 Sep 2020 Counterfeit Intertek Certified Product Notification - Class 2 Power Supply, Model No_ MHPO-090200
28 Aug 2020 Counterfeit Intertek Certification Certificate Heater Terminal Box
28 Aug 2020 Safety Concern with Intertek Certified Product - Packaged Air Conditioner Outdoor Unit (Inverter-Driven Multi-Split, VRF Outdoor Air Conditioner Unit)
25 Aug 2020 Counterfeit Intertek Certification Certificate - Class 2 Power Supply - models Ecomini and Arcoled
25 Aug 2020 Misrepresentation of Intertek Certified Product - QMI Building Metal Products Manufacturing LLC, UAE Fire Frame 90 Minute Rating

Safety Alerts

20 Sep 2017 Intertek Warns of Hazardous Digital Clamp Meters Bearing an ETL Certification Mark
13 Nov 2015 Intertek Warns of Laceration Hazard on cETLus Certified Sharkninjas Blenders Series Ninja BL66X
05 Nov 2015 Intertek Warns of Inaccurate Electrical Rating Markings on cETLus Certified Ingersoll Rand Branded Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, DVM Type Air Conditioners (Outdoor Unit)
25 Feb 2015 Intertek Warns of Potentially Hazardous cETLus Certified Product iHEAT Electric Shower Water Heater
08 Aug 2014 Counterfeit ETL Certification Mark - Extreme-Jon Portable Washroom Marketing Materials