Case Study: Improving Quality Management Processes for Dental Laboratories

"Using the DAMAS system has enabled the lab to make efficiencies through continuous improvement which has, in turn, enhanced revenues and profitability." - Penny Bentley, Casterbridge Dental

The Challenge

Casterbridge Dental, a dental laboratory in the UK, found that staying competitive in the constantly evolving dental industry was challenging. They need to stay up-to-date on current technologies, techniques, materials and pricing, especially with the amount of competition coming into the UK from overseas. They also need to address a growing number of regulatory requirements.

The Solution

Casterbridge Dental worked with Intertek to become one of the first DAMAS certified laboratories in the UK. DAMAS, which stands for Dental Appliance Manufacturers Audit Scheme, is a voluntary third-party audit scheme specially designed for dental laboratories. DAMAS not only provides evidence that the laboratory follows documented quality assurance processes, but also that the laboratory complies with applicable regulatory requirements.

Improving Quality Management Processes for Dental Laboratories (187 KB PDF)